What is dhandli?

The purpose of Dhandli is not to create confusion, contradiction and disorientation in the society but on the contrary to remove and minimize these contradictions and confusions which are being spread purposely by people having vested interests in keeping us as a community divided and deluded. We aim and desire of not living with these contradictions and our dream has taken us to a level where we will highlight every double faced individual, organisation, political party and institute. We intend not to disrespect the private life of citizens and ordinary people but we wish and desire to expose every action and word of people who have made us fools for decades. We wish to turn the tide against them and make ordinary people of PAKISTAN the true custodians of this land. We wish the dreams of our forefathers be realized and the land of pure to become pure again by either holding these evil souls accountable before law or eliminating them from this land. We aim at encouraging our friends and people of this land that time has come to stand tall and in turn the future holds only glory dignity and honour for us.