Fertilizer being loaded in Ambulance instead of Patients in Pakistan

Fertilizer being loaded in Ambulance instead of Patients in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country known to have the worst patient care facilities in the world. But thats not true anymore. Now there are so much excessive number of ambulances, that ambulances are freely available for other activities such as loading personal goods and fertilizers in ambulances. (Its a Joke)

As far as the patients are concerned, Pakistan is supposed to be the one of the worst countries in terms of health care. Low number of hospitals as per the population’s requirements, extreme poor medical services inside the hospitals, and worst ambulance response service are few paramters to be considered in this realistic assumption.

As shown in the video, fertilizer is being loaded in an ambulance. This is extremely wrong and a huge corruption is associated with a service that demands highest standards of hygeine. Contrary to this, sometimes patients find it difficult to reach  to make it to hospitals through ambulances as they are limited to use public transport for such service.


















It is being hoped and requested by our team that concerned Health departments will take an action and ensure that this practice may please be avoided in future.




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