Corruption and Our Affluent People

Corruption and Our Affluent People



Dear brothers and sisters!

Corruption is not difficult to tackle out from Pakistan provided our leader were honest.

Corruption is defined as:

1: Corruption is derived from latin word, rumpere, which mean to break. According to this approach corruption is where the Law is clearly broken.
2: Corruption is the abuse entrusted power or public office for private gain.

Reason is simple; greed, the desire for power, and the wish to advance oneself in society .

Types of corruption are:

1: Systematic corruption made by individual or by group to dominate the process of the institution.
2: Sporadic (individual) corruptions.
3: Political (grand) corruptions, it is made by politicians and bureaucrats.
4: Petty corruption small scales, bureaucratic or petty corruption is the everyday corruption it includes legal or moral corruption.

Reduction in corruption depends upon the will of government. If he country heads are the corrupt the government functionary has free hands in looting the public money .We vote out leaders into power so that they may lead us, not to harass us.

Brothers and sisters please keep in mind that we should not vote for tribe, ethnicity, or religion we should see the integrity, honesty, commitment and good character. Corruption, no doubt, has a moral dimension. We need to think hard about how to buttress the ethical and moral foundations of human behaviour .Corruption is social evil with immediate economic effects but long term damaged on the moral fabric of the humanity. Strong independent institutions that are important, honest, and credible and dedicated to the public politicians are a must. The red tape of bureaucracy is not a choice of large institution. It should be on the performance base. Eliminate laws and programs that breed corruption. If the objectives are genuine to restrict corruption implementation of technology is a must where all transactions are monitored closely. Govt., must work on the objectives to make public comfortable otherwise written words have no value. Children at school should be informed about the negative influence of corruption on the country. Training our children in sound morals and a sense of civic duty and service to humanity is at the root. There is a lot of improvement in morality and out-word behaviour of the rich class of people. Their activity is also getting momentum. There is a definite trend for the welfare of the people and national improvement by offering sacrifice and undergoing suffering .But they are so small in number that nothing worthwhile of national importance can be achieved. Generally they consider, its their aim of life to spend their resources for their personal pleasure and pelf. There are a few who do not hesitate to adopt unfair means to earn wealth. It may b hoarding or black -marketing, bribery or forgery. The greatest defect among them is that they have forgotten Allah and their death in their supreme interest of wealth and never pay attention towards the saying of Allah. Allah (SWT) says ‘See that your wealth and affluence do not take you from my remembrance ‘.The result of neglecting duty towards Allah is this. Their morality goes down and their action takes turn towards evils. They lose peace of mind and are always restless and worried despite rolling in wealth. Please remember that real peace of mind emanates from good deed and not through abundance of wealth. How many rich and affluent people have left the world with empty hands? All of them!

Pakistan Zindabad

Author: Muhammad Saeed Awan Siddiqui



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