Extremely Unprofessional Behavior of Air Blue Pakistan Staff

Extremely Unprofessional Behavior of Air Blue Pakistan Staff



In the shown video captured by a foreigner visiting Pakistan, Air Blue Pakistan staff is alleged to have overbooked the flight under discussion. The passengers are annoyed claiming that they have waited for hours in the queue and waiting room to get their confirmed tickets.

According to the officer at the Air Blue desk, all the air lines do this practice of over booking. Maybe the officer is saying the truth and maybe it is according to the law. But what is more annoying is that the passengers who are present to get the confirm tickets should must be given confirm tickets if there are some available. If there is no ticket, they should be informed that the flight has been completely booked and a ticket will only be available if there is some passenger to miss the scheduled flight, or if there is some last minute vacancy.

Another aspect of the video is the tourist/foreigner who is extremely annoyed. The already badly terrorism-hit country Pakistan is facing severe issues in terms of less number of tourists heading towards Pakistan. Such behavior of the staffs at Air Ports (as in the case of Air Blue) is simply adding to the existing worse condition of tourism in Pakistan.





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