Ahsan Iqbal and Samaa TV Dhandli Against Imran Khan of PTI

Ahsan Iqbal and Samaa TV Dhandli Against Imran Khan of PTI


Ahsan Iqbal Fake Allegations on PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Pnama leaks’ supreme court hearing is the hottest Pakistani news topic now a days. Yesterday PTI Chairman Imran Khan attended supreme court of Pakistan hearing. Before entering to supreme court one common standing before the entrance of supreme court talked to Imran Khan. Famous leader of PMLN and federal minister of Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal tweeted about this event in this way.

Ahsan Iqbal’s Fake Allegation Against Imran Khan


In this report of Samaa TV Ahsan Iqbal and Samaa TV blaming Imran Khan that Imran Khan destroyed rule of law, but fact of the matter is that this person is asking for help.

Imran Khan Helped Poor Person at the Supreme Court Gate

The true version of this incident is reported by Geo News. Version of Geo News looks true because the video looks same as Geo News contents. In this video person asked for help from Imran Khan and Imran Khan asked him to give his CNIC to political secretory of Imran Khan. Imran Khan also told him that he will help him later. Here is the video of Geo News.




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