Famous Pakistani TV Show “Jeeto Pakistan” Destroying Heritage of Pakistan

Famous Pakistani TV Show “Jeeto Pakistan” Destroying Heritage of Pakistan


Famous Pakistani TV Show Jeeto Pakistan Destroying Heritage of Pakistan

Once upon a time when hockey was the most famous game in Pakistan and people use to watch international hockey matches in stadium of their own city. But now a days a game show with name Jeeto Pakistan on ARY Digital became more popular than Hockey matches.  It is very unfortunate and shameful  when any TV channel uses their popularity and ignore national heritage. In a special episode of Jeeto Pakistan on 14th August 2016 , show presenter Fahad Mustafa Selected Abdus Sattar   Edhi Hockey Stadium as game show venue. 

The Most Special Jeeto Pakistan Show

This Jeeto Pakistan episode was the most special episode of Jeeto Pakistan due to two reason. Firstly This episode of Jeeto Pakistan was Independence Day Special Episode of Jeeto Pakistan and secondly Abdus Sattar Edhi Hockey Stadium is used for this show. Jeeto Pakistan game show host Fahad Mustafa considered himself independent of every law on independence say of Pakistan. 

Bike Riding in Hockey Stadium

To host a game show like jeeto Pakistan in Hockey Stadium is not a big deal and every where in the world these venues are used for different purpose. This Jeeto Pakistan independence say episode was very different from usual functions in a Hockey Stadium. In this game show people destroyed precious hockey stadium by bike riding inside hockey stadium.  Although it is a very unfortunate incident but from these things Pakistani people can know the thirst of money in these business minded people and show producers. This incident brought real face of game shows like Jeeto Pakistan and Inam Ghar in front of Pakistani people. 



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