Telenor Pakistan -Making Possible- Fake Claim of Free Internet

Telenor Pakistan -Making Possible- Fake Claim of Free Internet


Telenor Pakistan Fake Claim

Advertisement is a tool used to persuade customers to choose among a number of options in a free market and a consumer economy, therefore different companies invest and rely heavily on advertisement to increase and sustain their market value. However these companies are not allowed to false claims, mislead their customers and advertise obnoxious material under competition act 2010. However the competition act 2010, like many other acts, ordinances and laws of the land has been ignored in the advertisement of the Telenor Pakistan, the telecom giant which comes with the slogan of “KARRO MUMKIN”. They have made it possible as their slogan claims by advertising falsely and deceptively in the following add.

PEMRA has also been sleeping like many institutes in Pakistan and customers right have been violated by airing this advertisement which claims free 4G internet by Telenor. However in reality the offer is valid only for first 100 MB and after that the usage rate is 12/MB until your balance is completely drained by the company and poor customer is left bamboozled by false claims and his innocence.
To stop this menace PEMRA must act against false claims and the civil society must perform its duty by highlighting these issues in print, electronic and social media. Apart from this the customers should also report to consumer courts if they feel their rights have been violated. Together we can and we will make Pakistan a DHANDLI free country.



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